Initial consultation

An initial consultation is offered free of charge, during this time we will get a feel for the garden and discuss ideas to enhance the space. The design process will be explained to the client and the client will be able to tailor the design package to suit their needs and wants for the garden. A quotation will be provided after the initial consultation.

Site survey

During the site survey all measurements, and when necessary levels of the garden are accurately recorded so that precise scale plans can be produced. The soil will be analysed to aid with the choice of plants. We will also make notes of any large or key features in the garden that the client would like to keep such as trees or garden structures.

Concept Plans and Mood Board

Before any final drawings are completed, concept plans will be drafted to enable the client to choose which ideas they most prefer and work best. A mood board will be produced to showcase materials, plants, colour and ideas for the garden as a whole.

Garden Design Master Plan

Once the concept plan is agreed upon a final and detailed 2D Master Plan will be produced to scale of the garden. Landscapers or the client themselves will be able to build the garden from this plan.

3D Visuals

3D views and video walkthroughs are created using SketchUp and enable the client to visualise the newly transformed space.

Planting design

Planting plans and plant lists maximise the feel of the space by creating a coherent scheme that works for the particular conditions of the garden. Quantities, locations and size of plants are shown on the plan, we recommend that we carry out the planting to ensure it is set out as shown on the plan. We can also source all the required plants through our network of Nursery contacts. This can be offered as a stand-alone service for anyone looking to spruce up the borders in their garden!

Schedule of Works, Construction Drawings and Maintenance Plans

If required by the client or landscaper, schedule of works and construction drawings can be produced explaining step by step how the design is to be constructed. Maintenance plans can also be produced and detail how to best care for the plants throughout the different seasons. We do always love to check in with the client once the garden is completed to ensure the garden is looking its best and offer any general advice when needed!